Claire Tiltman. Its time for justice.

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Claire Tiltman, or Tilt as most of her friends knew her, was brutally murdered just 4 days after her 16th Birthday. She was stabbed over 40 times in Greenhithe, Kent as she took a short cut to a friends house on that horrific day.

Tilt had her whole life ahead of her and was working hard for her GCSE’s so that she could fulfil her dream of becoming a firefighter. Theres no doubt in my mind she would have succeeded too. Claire had just finished her bronze Duke of Edinburgh course at a local fire station and she absolutely loved it.

Tilts’ mum, Linda and dad, Cliff never gave up hope that their only Daughters murderer would one day face justice for what he has done. They were a very popular couple in the area and were devastated by her Death. Sadly, Lin died from cancer in 2008 and in 2012 Cliff passed away never seeing their daughters killer punished.

A group of her close friends have all come together to continue on Lin and Cliffs fight for justice and are working to get Tilt’s name back in the public eye. Our hope is that one person, who could break this case, will come forward and finally allow Claire and her family to rest in peace, getting the Justice they all so deserve.

January 18th 2013 marked 20 years since Tilts murder and a candlelit vigil with church service was held to remember an amazing girl who was so cruelly taken away. Whether people knew Claire and family or not they came along with over 250 people attending in the biting cold.

 For further information on both Tilt and the JusticeForClaire campaign why not take a look at the posts section of this website.

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