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Claire Tiltman, or Tilt as most of her friends knew her, was brutally murdered just 4 days after her 16th Birthday. She was stabbed to death in Greenhithe, Kent as she walked to a friends house to discuss her future on that horrific day.

Tilt had her whole life ahead of her and was working hard for her GCSE’s so that she could fulfil her dream of becoming a firefighter. There’s no doubt she would have succeeded too. Claire had just finished her bronze Duke of Edinburgh course at a local fire station and she absolutely loved every minute of it.

Tilts’ mum, Linda and dad, Cliff never gave up hope that their only Daughters murderer would one day face justice for her death. The Tiltman’s were a very popular couple in the area and were, obviously, completely devastated by Claire’s Death. Sadly, Linda died from cancer in 2008 and in 2012 Cliff passed away never seeing their daughters killer punished.

A group of Claire’s friends came together to continue on Linda and Cliffs hope of justice. They aimed to keep Claire Tiltmans name in the public eye. The hope was that one person, who could break the case, would come forward and finally allow Claire and her family to rest in peace, getting the Justice they all so deserved.

January 18th 2013 marked 20 years since Tilts murder and a candlelit vigil with church service was held to remember an amazing girl who was so cruelly taken away. Whether people knew Claire and family or not they came along with over 250 people attending in the biting cold. In 2014, a charity event was held in Claire’s honour and raised just over £3500, with over 120 people attending.

On the 11th of December 2014, Colin Ash Smith, after years of denial, was finally found guilty of Claire’s murder and sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 21 years.

Finally, there is Justice for Claire.

Never forgotten

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10 thoughts on “Justice for Claire

  1. Tilt,
    Your always in our thoughts. It’s so hard to believe that after all this time no one has faced justice for what they did to you.
    You were taken away from us before you had even begun to live your life. I miss you everyday and will never give up hope that whoever did that to you will be punished xx

    • I grew up in Greenhithe and went to Dartford Grammar for girls. I still remember when Claire died and being told at school the day after. My parents knew Lin and Cliff and I cannot believe how fast 20 years has passed. I hope justice is found for the Tiltman family even after this time. They all together now and hopefully justice will be found so they all rest in peace. What great friends Claire had, continuing to fight for justice after all this time. I hope they find it and the Tiltman family can rest in peace together.

  2. A brutal act on a truly beautiful soul. A person who would have gone on to make a real difference to the lives of so many. Leaving behind a distraught family and so many friends who will never forget. Justice for you and your family will bring peace to so many of us, and your memory can then live on as it should, without the unanswered questions so many of us carry. Forever in our hearts and always in our thoughts! Xxxx

  3. I have nothing but absolute admiration for the five ladies appearing in The Sun newspaper today in there absolute determination to secure a criminal conviction for the wicked and savage murder of Miss Claire Tiltman. I hope and prey that no matter how long it takes that eventually justice prevails.
    A very close look needs to take place at any DNA evidence using the latest technology and I think and hope an answer may be found.

    * moderated

  4. I hope justice is done so this young lady and her parents can rest in peace. I would fight till the very end if it was my daughter I hope they have been reunited in heaven.

  5. I remember all those years ago this terrible tragedy, over the years I remember Cliff and Linda still keeping Claire’s memory alive and hoping that someone would be caught who did this terrible crime. I did not know any of them but felt for them as a parent. Glad to hear the girls are keeping the campaign going justice. Someone Somewhere knows who did this, given them up now.

  6. I never knew Claire or her family but was so upset by her evil murder as I also only have one child, a daughter, who was just one year older than Claire at the time. Losing her would have ended my life.
    I have never forgotten Claire and never will.
    I hope and pray that the wicked person who took her life, and who has had 20 years of unjustified freedom, will soon have that freedom no longer.
    God bless you Claire and your parents, Linda and Cliff.

  7. It was an absolute privilege to take part in the walk last night. What an amazing turnout and a beautiful service. Please keep going with this, one day the person concerned will be caught and convicted.

  8. I am a parent of a five year old little girl – an only child – who means everything to me and my wife. I cannot imagine losing our daughter and going through what Claire’s parents went through. I have nothing but sympathy and admiration for her parents and friends.
    If there is any charity that I or perhaps my employer could donate to in Claire’s name I would be only to delighted to do so.

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